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Our Story

     Once Upon a Time in a Kingdom Far away, in Skincare Land, lived Demi, a Medical Esthetician with a Nursing background who was a skincare industry leader, visionary, educator and expert.  Over her 25 years in clinical skincare and beauty, she’d developed a mass skincare following, in the sunny lands of Southern California.  She dwelled in one of the warmest of lands in the US of A, where sea, salt, sun, beach loving and bikini wearing was part of everyday life.  This warm environment helped cultivate and establish Demi as a pioneer of Brazilian and Manzilian waxing in 2000.

     At the turn of the century, the idea of yanking out pubic hair from the Netherlands was yet not the norm.  However, the desperate outcries and demands of Demi’s clients for her to primp, groom, and tidy their oh so very neglected Lady Petals and Fruit Baskets was overwhelming.  Demi knew something MUST be done!  And so she self-trained on every friend and family that would entrust their Woohas, Woohoos and Winkies for her to practice on and master her waxing skills.


      After a short few years of then having become a waxpert, one glorious morning her life changed forever more!  That week the infamous porn star, Tabitha Stevens had on live national television, on the Dr. 90210, a medical reality television series, bleached her


Vajine and Hershy Highway!  Anal and Vajayjay bleaching became the lightening craze and now Demi’s clients were once again clamoring for her help with their embarrassing, darkened Kitties, Bats’N Balls and Leather Donuts that had fallen prey to the indelible stains of Brown Syndrome.  (Cue:  sad face.)  Her clients demanded that she train and learn how to bleach their Winks and Netherlands.  Demi worried and thought to herself, “Where and how on Earth will I ever learn how to do Anal, Vajayjay, and Fruitbasket bleaching?!”  It wasn’t as though an Anal Bleaching University existed or where one could easily sign up for an anal bleaching course at the local community college.  It was something that no one had fathomed existed. 


     That evening, Demi went home to her at the time husband, Adrian, a humble, unpretentious but brilliant Biochemist/Cosmetic Chemist, who was at the time,
doing cancer research for a prestigious medical university in So Cal.  He had previously dabbled in producing effective skincare products for medical practices for private label to Dermatologists.  Demi thought to herself, “I’m sure Mr. Wonderful can whip up the perfect bleaching booty and vajayjay concoction!  OOOOO!  I’m SO EXCITED!!”  She understood the urgency and concerns of her clients.  She knew that if anyone could be their super hero, it would be her then mad scientist husband that could formulate these fabulous skin lightening Undercarriage products!  And so, Demi pleaded for Adrian to create an Anal and Vajayjay lightening product.  And Your Undercarriage was born.  Yay!


     Demi, now not only a skin expert but also a proclaimed waxing diva, was highly knowledgeable and well versed in the anatomy and physiology of the skin as well as Trichology (the study of hair growth and structures) from years of nursing academia and advanced medical esthetic training.  She knew that there was a great need for a skincare line dedicated to peoples’ Privates only.  This line would need to address multiple, intimate, skin issues and become the pre and post aftercare hair removal products for procedures including:  Waxing, Threading, Electrolysis, Sugaring and Laser.  Your Undercarriage became an amazingly, effective line of pre & aftercare depilatory products and made all Winkies, Woohas, and Woohoos of the land, as beautiful as ever!


     After making it to the prestigious Academy Award Oscar swag bags in Hollywood, celebrities, elites, socialites, fashionable citizens, and desperate housewives have been absolutely tickled and in love with Your Undercarriage.  We are delighted to be part of saving marriages, relationships and keeping things fun and spicy in the bedroom for all happy couples across the land!  Viva la Vulva, Woohoos and winkies alike!  And they all lived happily ever after. 




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