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Formulated by talented scientists and advanced skincare experts, our scientifically proven formulas are created with the finest, most effective, and innovative active ingredients and technologies. Our formulas address multiple skin concerns such as: blemishes, ingrown hairs, bumps, folliculitis, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.  The pre-care products make hair removal as comfortable as possible by preparing the skin and reducing the pain fo the procedures. While the aftercare products are effective for keeping the skin smooth post all hair removal procedures.  The lightening products have advanced active ingredients with excellent skin brightening and lightening results.  

  Skin Lightening Ingredients

The rate of decreasing unwanted skin pigmentation will vary from person to person.  Many factors include: how dark and how much hyperpigmentation is currently present, genetic makeup, medications, disease, hormones, UV exposure, diet, topical products that can be counter-active, skin irritation, and other environmental factors.  Melanogenesis is the formation of melanin (pigment in the skin) by melanocytes (skin cells that produce color).

An enzyme found in the body called tyrosinase is required for melanocytes to make melanin.  Your Undercarriage skin lightening products contain naturally occurring tyrosinase inhibitors that allow for great lightening results.

  • Alpha Arbutin: is a naturally occurring antioxidant and skin brightener that is naturally found in the bearberry plant. An effective inhibitor to melanogenisis, it aides in the appearance of age spots, freckles, melasma, and post-inflammatory pigmentation.
  • Kojic acid:  lightens the skin tone by inhibiting the production of tyrosine, which is responsible for producing melanin. It also works as an antioxidant allowing for improved elasticity.
Both of these main ingredients, along with other notable additions, dramatically help with unattractive and embarrassing hyperpigmentation on your body and on your delicate private areas.  Our proprietary blend of melanine blocking agents leave the skin with a lighter, more natural and even skin tone. 


Skin Issues Treated

Our products treat a variety of skin issues pre and hair removal procedures. These include body acne, skin bumps and ingrown hairs to name just a few.  

  • Folliculitis occurs when hair follicles get inflamed, infected, and appear as red dots like a rash that can be itchy and look like little white pimples or pustules. 

Typical areas where Folliculitis is common is on the neck, under arms, and groin area.  Many times, this can be caused by dirty hot tubs or swimming pools; friction from tight clothes (like tight jeans); substances that irritate or block follicles like makeup, oil, cocoa butter, etc; infected cuts where bacteria, yeast, fungi, or viruses spreads to nearby hair follicles; shaving; and warm weather. 

  • Ingrown hairs curving back into the skin can also cause inflammation. An ingrown hair occurs when the hair curls back into the skin or grows sideways into and under the skin. 

The condition is most prevalent with coarse or curly hair and may or may not be accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle (Folliculitis) or "razor bumps" (Pseudofolliculitis barbae).  Ingrown hairs are common in areas where hair is shaved or removed but can appear anywhere on the body.  Broken off hair by an uneven razor or incorrect waxing technique followed by tight wearing clothing can also cause ingrown hairs.  It may look like a rash, reddened, with raised bumps, be itchy, or with hair that remains after a hair removal procedure. 

  Preventative Ingredients

Our variety of prophylactic product treatments include daily recommended, topical applications on affected areas containing actives such as Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid. 

  • Lactic Acid: A mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid found in milk and tomato juice is very beneficial to the skin.  It improves skin texture by exfoliating and smoothing surface skin and improving cell turnover rate.  It diminishes blemishes, bumps, and breakouts by thoroughly deep cleaning pores.  It fades darkened areas and improves hyperpigmentation, evening out skin tone, brightening and lightening skin by directly inhibiting melanin formation.  It even rejuvenates by stimulating collagen production.  It enhances better product absorption of active ingredients by removing the particles that may block optimum absorption.  Since it’s a gentle acid it’s excellent for rough, dry or scaly skin.
  • Glycolic Acid: a Alpha Hydroxy Acid that is derived from sugar cane and fruit acids, refreshes and refines the skin.  It acts as an exfoliant by removing the top layer of skin, and revealing new, healthier, smooth skin.  Since it’s highly acidic, it’s highly soluble and goes directly under the damaged areas of the skin.  It helps eliminate blackheads and reduces facial and body acne by deep cleaning the pores.  It’s excellent at preventing bumps and ingrown hairs.  It regenerates collagen, thickens the epidermis and dermis.  Hyperpigmentation, blemishes, acne marks, and even scars are diminished and faded away.  Skin becomes much brighter and clearer.
  • Salicylic Acid: This Beta Hydroxy Acid is a highly beneficial ingredient. It is an aspirin chemical derivative, that has anti-inflammatory properties and eases pain.  It’s commonly used to treat Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, Acne, Psoriasis, Calluses, Corns, Keratosis Pilaris, Acathosis Nigricans, Ichthyosis, and Warts. Salicylic acid works as a Keratolytic, Comedolytic, and Bacteriostatic agent.  The cells of the epidermis shed more readily.  Pores are opened and unblocked and the bacteria within is neutralized.  Pore diameter is also constricted to prevent pores from clogging up again and allow room for new cell growth.  Salicylic Acid has the ability to penetrate deep into the pore. It’s excellent for controlling sebum excretion, improving acne, and treating ingrown hairs.

 Pain Control Ingredients

Reducing pain during hair removal procedures, Your Undercarriage’s The Calm BEFORE & AFTER the Storm line includes a numbing cream that readily absorbs into the skin.

  • Lidocaine:  a central ingredient in our pain reducing formula. it produces a numbing and anesthetically effect that helps reduce pain by 30-50% during all hair removal services.  Whether you are being treated for laser, waxing, threading, sugaring, or Electrolysis the Your Undercarriage products make a difference with decreasing the pain.  You won’t again dread your hair removal appointments.

     Soothing Skin Ingredients 

    Calming Irritated Skin after a hair removal or skin treatment with Your Undercarriage’s The Calm BEFORE & AFTER the Storm line is amazing at quickly bringing relief to angry, reddened, and irate skin post all hair removal services. Products are based with natural and Organic ingredients, such as Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and Essential oils.  These encourage skin healing, nourishing, calming, and soothing effects. 

    These protect and support the skin’s acid mantle by restoring and creating a protective barrier over the skin.

    • Shea Butter a super food for the skin is rich in unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, vitamins E and D, Phytosterols, Provitamin A and Allantoin. Even the legendary Egyptian “Queeny” Nefertiti is known to have owed her beauty secrets to Shea Butter.  This natural sunscreen provides protection against UV light.  An excellent skincare regimen for the Winter season and after-sun care since it provides extra moisture, nutrients and protection needed during the cold and summer months.  It also has amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  It is a remarkable treatment of scars, Eczema, blemishes, skin discolorations, chapped lips, stretch marks, dark spots and helps reduce irritation caused by psoriasis.  Due to its high content of vitamin A, it is effective in promoting healing and disinfection.  Skin allergies like poison ivy and insect bites are calmed.  Vitamin F acts as a rejuvenator for soothing and healing rough and chapped skin.  Shea Butter is considered as one of the best anti-ageing and moisturizing agents for skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, the youthful scaffolding protein in the skin. The vitamins A and E found in this butter keep the skin supple, nourished and radiant while preventing premature wrinkles and facial lines. Shea butter penetrates the skin easily without clogging the pores and is effective for dry skin.  Non-saponifiable ingredients and vitamin F also help restore skin elasticity and tone.
    • Sunflower Oil has been known to increase healing in wounds, skin injuries and improves Psoriasis. It even contains anti-fungal properties, known to be as effective as Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) prescribed medication.  It acts as a wonderful protective environmental layer on the skin; reduces acne; and has amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to promote new cell development, protect the skin from bacterial infections, and rejuvenate it as well!
    • Beeswax is carefully crafted by young worker bees into six-sided honeycomb cells, beeswax provides tiny storage units for honey until the beekeeper extracts the golden liquid. After harvest, the beekeeper melts and purifies the beeswax. Beeswax is also known to have both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.  The antibacterial qualities can make it useful in reducing minor skin infections.  Its natural and rich concentration of hydroxypalmitate, oleate esters, palmitoleate, and palmitate blend to produce properties that make beeswax key for maintaining skin health and vitality. Skin is over 60 percent water, and beeswax seals the skin, keeping in moisture needed for a healthy, vibrant look.  Of course, our skin serves as a protective barrier keeping harmful elements and pathogens out of the body.  Beeswax doubles that guard, insulating the skin from environmental dangers by forming a defensive shield.  The anti-inflammatory characteristics reduce swelling, redness and irritation of the skin.  The high vitamin A content in beeswax stimulates the production of skin cells while boosting the skin’s ability to ward off infection and skin disorders. When acne or eczema have set in, the anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax diminish the red, blotchy look while the antiseptic properties bring lasting treatment and healing by reducing the infection.  It is an amazing emollient and humectant that draws moisture and seals it to dry, rough skin, and improves skin disorders like Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.  The escalated production of skin cells spurred by a high vitamin A content speeds up the healing process. Once the acne infection is under control, beeswax will moisturize the skin with an emollient effect that yields a fresh clear skin.

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